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5 types of women's coats: choose the main element of the autumn wardrobe

There are at least 5 classic types of coats to which you should take a closer look before the real autumn colds come. Each of the coats comes from the distant 1850-1900, but, of course, in our time, the classic cut has undergone some changes. Let's move on a century and a half ago and see how the fashion has changed, which today offers us a huge selection of coats, and also choose the option according to your taste for this autumn.
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Bulk decoration on the neck of ordinary satin ribbons

Satin ribbons - one of the popular materials from needlewomen. It turns out that you can make incredibly beautiful voluminous decorations with 3D effect out of it! Such beauty can not be bought in the store, and the color of the ribbons can be chosen to your liking. We offer detailed workshops and interesting examples of jewelry below:
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The master

Practical and non-trivial ideas for reworking old boxes

Old furniture boxes are a good material for creating diverse furniture. Large and small, they obviously have a division into sections. With a creative approach, this will create interesting storage systems, both open and closed. Implement in the presence of boxes can be the most daring ideas.
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Several interesting ways to tie a scarf - a stylish addition to the image.

Long light scarves - an indispensable element of the wardrobe. Even one such scarf makes it possible to always look different. And if there are several, then you can experiment with the creation of the image endlessly, choosing accessories in addition to the various clothing options. The same bow can be worn in the middle or on the side with a hidden or released long end.
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Design and Architecture

Sophisticated design for a very small kitchen

Do you live in a Soviet-built house, and the area of ​​your kitchen is at best 6 square meters? You probably feel uncomfortable in such a small room - the furniture “eats” priceless space, home appliances cluttered up almost all working surfaces, and family dinners are held under the slogan “in cramped situations, but not mad”.
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