Do not throw away leftovers! Apply them with fantasy


A person should eat only when he feels hungry. And as soon as the feeling of satiety comes, you should set the food aside. And what is left after the meal does not necessarily send in the trash. Leftover food can be turned into delicious new dishes that will be a great snack the next day.

Mashed Potatoes

For many, potatoes became the second bread, and after the feast, some of the mashed potatoes remain. Add to it chopped greens, a bit of grated carrots, an egg and a spoonful of flour or starch. Salt a little and add spices. Fry the pancakes in vegetable oil on both sides. Great breakfast dish!

Make a mini pizza from the remaining cuts

Use hamburger buns as a base. Cut each bun, stuffing them with sausage, ham and cheese. Warm up the resulting "pizza" in the oven or microwave.

Make casserole from leftover stuffing

It’s not easy to calculate the exact amount of minced meat for a burrito or chop Bake the leftover stuffing in a creamy cheese sauce, and serve with corn chips.

Freeze leftover soup

Mashed and creamy soups do not necessarily eat through force. Spread them out and freeze. At some point will only melt the portion.

Pasta Casserole

Add 1-2 eggs to boiled macaroni and place interesting stuffing between them. Such a dish resembles lasagna.

Another option is a spaghetti sandwich.

This dish may seem strange, but be sure to try. It is really tasty. Especially if the pasta was with meatballs. And do not forget to add more cheese.

The original stuffing buns for hot dogs

Do not be discouraged if there were not enough sausages for all the buns. Fill them with cheese, tomatoes and ham. You can heat each sandwich on a griddle on both sides.

Freeze coffee residues

Do not pour the coffee, if it turned out too much. Save it using ice cubes. They perfectly complement the cocktails, will help cool too hot drink.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Chops, or grilled chicken breast, add lettuce leaves and sauce to make a filling for a sandwich. This lunch is convenient to take with you.

Fried Rice Cakes

Add to the cooled rice egg, chopped greens and cheese. Such pies are good and as an independent dish, and as a side dish for meat.

And again the pasta!

If you want something truly original, make a pie stuffing with them! It will be even tastier if you add more cheese and garlic.