The easiest way to make resin jewelry


Perhaps this will surprise someone, but it is easy to make exclusive epoxy resin jewelry by yourself. The mission seems impossible only at first glance. Meanwhile, everything is extremely simple. Having mastered the technique of creating jewelry, you can make amazingly beautiful charms, rings, pendants, earrings, diverse suspensions and much more.

The mystery of the birth of epoxy resin jewelry

It is necessary to work with resin with extreme caution, since, frozen, it is not rubbed off from the surface. As a precaution, cover the work area with paper and wear latex gloves.

Materials for work:

  • transparent epoxy;
  • hardener;
  • filling for jewelry (sparkles, sequins, natural material, etc.);
  • tracing paper;
  • capacity for stirring;
  • wooden or glass rod;
  • dropper bottle;
  • silicone molds;
  • blanks and accessories for jewelry;
  • measuring cup;
  • hair dryer;
  • transparent glue;
  • box or lidded form.

To begin with, we determine the content and form. Under the basis you can use fittings and blanks for jewelry, or moldings. Filling can also be different: from dried flowers or insects to foil confetti, sequins, sparkles.

When working with finished skeletons for jewelry, it is important to ensure a good fit: The surface should be smooth, the bottom layer of wax paper is required (smooth side to fill).

In a container with hot water, we place for the time being a liquid resin and a hardener. This will reduce the number of bubbles when mixed.

At the beginning we place the selected filling options in the appropriate molds in order to visualize the future of the decoration.

Mix the resin with the hardener in a 1: 1 ratio, using a stick for mixing. Approximate stirring time - 2-3 minutes.

Pour the mixture into a dropper bottle or any container with a spout.

We fill the tanks with resin in 2 stages: a small layer of resin from below, filling, another layer of resin. If necessary, level or move objects placed in the resin with a toothpick. In the presence of air bubbles, blow the filled molds with a hair dryer.

Leave the epoxy blanks to harden for 12-15 hours, placing them in a container with a lid or covered with a box to avoid dust.

If the resin does not harden, place it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This will speed up the process: the workpiece can be easily removed from the mold.

Work on the blanks is almost over. It's time to go to the final stage of creating jewelry.

If you need to add products with loops or other metal fasteners, it is important to remember that this can be done no more than a day after the resin began to harden. The necessary pin is heated over a fire for about 5 minutes and deepened into the product, leaving it at the desired level. If more time passes, it will be impossible to do so.

For rings or brooches mount is done differently. Here it is enough to use fast-setting transparent glue.