This family decided to make repairs in the kitchen on their own and did not lose!


A family from Italy decided to make repairs in the old kitchen with their own hands. The kitchen has a great location in the house, and the view from the window is one of its decorations. But time has done its job, and some elements of decoration are out of order, others are outdated in terms of design. The budget for the rework was small, and for some of the work still had to attract third-party craftsmen. But much the couple could do on their own, in some places, going to the tricks, and ignoring the usual rules of overhaul.

The first thing was to remove the old balcony frame. A professional carpenter was involved in this work, but part of the ceiling coverage was damaged.

The old frames were replaced with modern plastic windows with a large opening to the floor. Such glazing maximizes the view from the window. This part of the repair had to be spent, so other expenses were decided to be reduced.

All joints are sealed with drywall and foam.

The old ceiling needed plastering and painting.

This work is not so difficult to do yourself. It is important to remove all the old paint, otherwise it may crack and go blistering.

But the family did not shift the old tile. Instead, the tiles were simply painted with durable paint.

At the ceiling it is more convenient to paint the paint with a brush. And on the surface of the tile should be painted with a roller to avoid streaks from the pile.

The main advantage of this approach was the low cost. And the repair time thanks to him was significantly reduced.

Painted not only tile, but also the distance between it. The result is a beautiful glossy wall. You can immediately use oil paint. And you can combine water-based paint and varnish.

After changing the blinds there was a gap on the wall. Therefore, this section was subsequently closed with special panels.

On the floor in the room lay a tile with a facet. Instead of removing it and laying the tie under the laminate, a special mortar was applied to it to level the surface.

It was important to fill all the gaps between the tiles and align the chamfer level to the height of the tile surface.

On this photo the walls are already processed. But you can see the leveling stage of the floor.

On the tile laid laminate of high strength.

Technique couple chose a seasonal sale. It was possible to buy everything you need with a serious discount.

A special film that imitates porcelain stoneware was chosen as the finish for the apron. We ordered coverage from an individual entrepreneur, and the price fits into the budget.

Although the coating seems to be voluminous, this is only a picture printed on a glossy film.

There was no place for an old sink in the new kitchen. To save money, it was decided to choose a small sink.

A panel was hung over the table as an ornament.

Worktops and communications were installed by professionals, as this ensured a safe supply of gas and water.

Over the kitchen, several decorative panels were installed to hide the flaws of the old renovation.

These are just stickers, although they look like real pottery.

The kitchen doors left old, changing only the handles. As a result, the furniture acquired a completely different look.

New faucet with a special nozzle that simplifies washing dishes.

To prevent the sponges from taking up space on the table, they were placed in a special hanging container.

Ordinary jar for spoons pasted over with the remnants of art film. Now the stand fits perfectly into the interior.

This is how the kitchen looked like before the alteration.

A tile of outdated design and old household appliances.

The floor has seen.

And the kitchen after the repair.

Old front door saved. But the furniture changed to a new one.

Now the view from the window decorates the interior.

It seems that all family members are happy with the new kitchen.

A table with the same finish as the apron above the work surface.

A small corner for the dog is organized in the warmest and most beautiful place.