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How to make a mini drill with your own hands


Anyone can make a mini drill, the main thing is a few details that can be found at home or in the garage.

For a mini drill, we need:

  1. Motor;
  2. 50 ml syringe;
  3. Wires;
  4. Glue gun;
  5. Soldering iron;
  6. Hacksaw;
  7. Box for 4 batteries (Battery compartment);
  8. 4 AA batteries;
  9. 1 terminal strip.


To begin, take a little motor. Such a motor can be pulled out of any broken electric toy, printer (not stepper) or tape recorder. A motor should be high-speed and powered by direct current, in other words, to work from ordinary "finger" batteries.

We take 2 wires, we clean the ends and as in the figure we pass through the hole of the terminal blocks, and twist.

Now twisted wires need to be soldered, for reliable contact.

We take a syringe for 50 ml.

We cut off the front part of the syringe.

We insert our motor with the soldered wires inside the syringe, but not to the end. Motor must tightly enter the syringe.

Using a hot glue gun, apply glue in a circle.

Take the switch. You can buy it in any store that sells radio parts or order it online.

In the syringe, cut a rectangular hole under our switch. We pull the wire, which is soldered to the switch.

We set the switch on its seat. Using a glue gun, glue the switch around the perimeter.

We make a hole which is indicated by a red arrow. This can be done with a soldering iron. In this hole we pass 2 wires, the red one coming from the second terminal of the switch and the yellow one coming from the motor.

We take the battery compartment and the usual finger-type batteries or AA batteries. You can buy such a box or get it out of the toy, just like a motor.

Apply hot glue with two strips on the back edges of the syringe.

Glue the battery compartment.

Before you connect the wires, put the heat shrinkage on the wires, indicated by green arrows and numbers 3. Under number 1 there is a wire coming from the second terminal of the switch, we connect it to the “plus” coming out of the battery box. The number 2 shows the yellow wire that comes from the motor, we connect it to the "minus" coming out of the box. To the place of the wire connections, we stretch the heat shrinkage and with the help of a lighter, matches or a building dryer, we heat the shrink tube, which tightly crimp our contacts.

We take terminal "block". You can buy it at any electrical store. We put this block on 1 screw onto the motor axis, do not touch the second screw, it will clamp the drill bit. Secure tighten the first screw.

We take a drill, the diameter of the drill should not exceed the inner diameter of the pads. Insert the drill into the block until it stops and tighten the second screw.

We insert 4 batteries, while respecting the polarity and pressing the switch - the drill should work! Mini drill is ready!

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